Are you prepared to take advantage of opportunities?

Doing nothing, with regards to finding talent, guarantees you will miss opportunities and gives your competitors an advantage. There are a few ways to find qualified talent for your salon. SalonJobs, we think, is one of the best — for a number of reasons:

  • Largest, most-active network of salon & spa professionals.
  • SalonJobs is built by salon professionals for salon professionals.
  • Unique and easy to use tools and ad performance reporting.
  • Risk-free, guaranteed results or your money back!

 Your Talent Channel

People are constantly moving around the country. Would you like every qualified professional coming to your area to find your salon first? Online search is, by far, the most common way that people search for jobs today. If you're not listing your jobs online, your best prospects may never know you exist!

Your job ads on SalonJobs are visible online the instant you post them — and not just on one site. We also publish your ads on partner sites at no additional cost to you.

 On The Mark

Would you like to pay a fraction of the cost of other job ad networks and get better results? Recruiting services designed around your industry provide more bang for your buck because when you post on a large general-purpose job board, your job ads are mixed in with drivers, salespeople, accountants, etc.

By posting your job for a hair stylist, colorist, esthetician, nail technician, makeup artist, or other salon professional on SalonJobs — you're advertising directly to the people most interested in you.

 Risk Free & Guaranteed

Did we mention our most unique feature: results are guaranteed! That's right — SalonJobs offers a money-back guarantee on advertising services.

You may have noticed we have no ads on our site? And we don't sell your data to third parties. Our hearts are in the right place and our motivation is to make our industry better for everyone. Finding talent is one of the industry's greatest challenges and it is our mission to change this by applying passion and technology.

Choose Your Path

Join us in our effort to prevent bad hair and excess month at the end of the money. Opportunities abound but you have to be aware to take advantage. What would you like to do?