Results Guarantee

Please read carefully the following requirements if you are interested in taking advantage of our money-back results guarantee.

  • What we guarantee: that your job ads will be visible to and viewed by candidates looking for employment in your area and that they will take action on your ads by contacting you via email, telephone, sharing via social media, saving your job ad to their personal list of favorite jobs, visiting you in-person or any other means of contact you request in your ad -- or we will refund your money.
  • Your responsibilities: your ads must fulfill certain requirements for our guarantee to apply. Specifically, you must provide correct contact information, multiple contact methods (i.e. phone & email), truthful and accurrate representation of your company, benefits you offer and an accurate and complete description of your job requisition. If you do not provide truthful and accurate information in your ads, our guarantee may not apply to you.
  • Time requirements: your ad must have run continuously for the duration of the ad package you purchased and any claims for a refund must be filed with us within 30 days of your ad's expiration. The time required to fill a position varies greatly by industry, geography and many other factors. That is why our minimum package duration is 90 days -- so if it takes a little longer for you to fill a position, you don't have the added burden of having to purchase another ad every month.
  • You must not violate our usage policy by using SalonJobs for any purpose other than for posting job requisitions for the salon industry in a public, online forum. Posting ads for products or services other than job requisitions is a violation of our usage agreement that could result in your account suspension and our guarantee will not apply to you.
  • Limit of our guarantee: SalonJobs is an advertising service. Our commitment to you is that we will get the word out to candidates that you are hiring. We cannot guarantee that you will fill your job openings or that candidates will accept offers you make. Effective recruiting practices depend heavily on your geography, demographics and the skill with which you market to potential candidates. Therefore, our guarantee is that we will find candidates and generate responses to your ads, not that you will hire someone or that they will accept your job offer.
  • How to make a claim: There are occasionally businesses located in remote regions where there is a talent desert and it proves to be too difficult for us to find people interested in relocating to that area. We will try anyway because -- why not? If we tried and it didn't work out, you can notify us to request a refund through our online messages page found here. Mention our results guarantee, provide the email you used to register and we will process your refund promptly.
  • Other exclusions: corporate accounts, franchises, bulk-posters and recruiters are excluded at this time.

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