Estimate Your Earnings

The burning question for anyone starting out in a new professions is always: "How much will I make?" There are many variables to consider and there's no way to know what your sales will be. However, you can use this calculator to get some idea.

How many services will you perform in a day?
Performing services per day

The number of services performed varies by individual but generally, the average number of services performed by a fully booked hair stylist is around 4-5. Though some days you might perform more than double that number, occasionally clients will cancel with short notice or not show up at all. So it's always smart to diversify the services you perform in your salon and be prepared to spend some time boosting your retail sales to maximize your income.

What is the average cost of a service you perform?
Service price averaging R .00

Service prices vary greatly by salon and by region. So, keep in mind — the cost of living varies just as greatly. As a salon professional, you have the power to give yourself a raise by specializing in pricier services (i.e. hair color) or mastering the ability to perform quickly.

What percentage commission will your employer pay on service sales?
Service sales commission %

Service commissions vary from salon to salon but they tend to hover around 45-50%. If your employer offers more benefits, a lower commission may be justified. If you go into a booth-renter situation, use 100% as your commission and then deduct your operating expenses from the final amount this calculator estimates for you to get an idea of what your income might be.

How many days will you work each week?
days per week

Though it may be assumed by you or your employer that you will work a full-time, five days per week schedule, many in the industry prefer somethine less conventional. For instance, you may prefer to work only four days per week but for longer hours to make up the difference. Or, maybe you just want to work three days per week. How should I know? I'm not your mom — geesh! Just put in a number and move on. ;)

How much retail will you sell (as a % of your service sales)?
Retail (as % of service) sales %

If you consistently make product recommendations to every client you serve, you can expect your products sales to 20% or more of your service sales. If you go the extra mile and recommend more than just the basics to your clients and you are fanatically consistent with your recommendations, 30% or better is very achievable. Your earnings on retail may not be as inspiring as what you get from services, but there are a lot of invisible benefits to selling retail. For instance, it is statistically shown that clients who purchase retail from their stylist are significantly more likely to be a loyal, repeat customers. Remember, the more loyal customers you have, the sooner you can give yourself a raise by bumping your prices up!

What percentage commission will your employer pay on service sales?
Retail sales commission %

Retail sales commissions are generally not as high as service commissions. The margins on retail are lower and your employer has to pay shipping, storage, backbar (products used in-house), and products that are returned, damaged or (gasp) stolen. Around 10% is common but many salons pay lower commissions unless you continuously meet your retail sales goals. Much over 10% as a retail commission is very generous.

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