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In short, SalonJobs is here to solve one of the salon industry's biggest challenges: connecting qualified professionals with salons that need them.

The story of SalonJobs goes back to the early 90's when the founder (a young college student) was managing one of the top hair salons in Savannah, GA. He played a key role in the development of the business from a startup barely making ends meet into a very successful small enterprise. But there was one challenge that made it extremely difficult to develop further -- finding qualified professionals.

After college, he spent ten years in the information technology industry, building systems for organizations like the Walt Disney Company and FiServ, the desire to work on problems faced by the salon industry never faded and in late 2006, the opportunity to acquire came available and he jumped on it.

There were just a few key missions for SalonJobs in the beginning: make posting jobs affordable for hair salons since the industry does not have huge profit margins. Make it easy to post jobs since salon owners don't have a lot of time to manage marketing efforts. And use the most sophisticated technology available to make sure that job ads reach the wides possible audience of qualified professionals quickly.

The day SalonJobs launched, late in 2006, sales started happening and the rest is history. The service quickly dominated online job advertising for the salon industry and continues to offer a unique service at prices that are still unmatched by any competitor.

One of the most important things that sets us apart is the simple fact that finding qualified candidates for salons is our one and only business. Most of our competitors offer recruiting services as a side-line business at higher prices with less sophisticated marketing channels.

Our biggest competitors charge more for a single 30 day job ad than we charge for a whole year! In an industry where most small businesses have razor-thin profit margins, especially during the first years of operation, having effective and affordable marketing solutions is absolutely vital. SalonJobs is designed to give the most bang for your buck possible.

SalonJobs is usually at the top of search engine results when job seekers search for jobs in hair salons. Our world-class search engine optimizations combined with the excellent domain name '' make it possible to maintain your ads top position on the internet.

When you use an overpriced major job board that isn't targeted to a specific industry, your job ads get lost like a needle in a hay-stack. They are mixed in with truck drivers, custodians and dog groomers. SalonJobs serves only salons and cosmetology professionals so your ads are served only to your target market and never get lost.

Posting on SalonJobs allows you to post to multiple job sites in one step! We index your job ads on multiple search engines and cross-post to other job ad aggregation services like There's no extra cost for this nor is there any extra effort required on your part. It's automatic when you advertise on SalonJobs.

There are "free" job advertising services out there. It seems like the number of security problems that result from those services continue to multiply these days. Avoid the safety concerns you would have with sites like those and choose a service that will represent your brand professionally like SalonJobs.

For job seekers, our services are 100% FREE of charge. For employers looking to advertise job openings, our prices are highly competitive. See the link to our pricing page below.

We offer two advertising packages tailored to the most common job advertising needs of hair salons. For salons with a short-term hiring need, we offer a 90 day job advertising package. For salons that hire on a regular basis and like to be prepared with fresh resumes at all times, we offer a yearly advertising package that cost less than some competitors monthly packages!

The 90 day advertising package is designed to overcome the limitations imposed by our competitors who generally charge more for a much shorter advertising period. An unfortunate fact of recruiting in the salon industry is that, on average, it takes 45 days or longer to fill a position. Use our competitors and you may have to purchase three job ads at considerably higher cost to get the same advertising coverage of one ad with SalonJobs.

The yearly package allows you to pay once for a full 365 days of job advertising to create a constant in-flow of resumes from professionals. If you advertise more 3 or more times per year to find talent, this package offers considerable savings.

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Well — a money-back guarantee to be specific.

It's extremely unusual for an advertising service to guarantee its services and there are limitations to the guarantee we offer. However, in a nutshell, if you advertise on SalonJobs and don't get results -- we'll refund your advertising fee. That's just how confident we are that we can find candidates for you.

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In October 2016, SalonJobs was re-launched after many months of technological improvements. The new site design is more usable on smartphones. The search function is considerably faster. It's just better all around -- we think. If you have any feedback for us, we'd love to hear it.

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